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What came before the chicken and the egg… HORSES!

Long before the chickens, as a very young girl growing up in El Paso, Texas …

I LOVE HORSES!  What little girl doesn’t?  But my story is simple… I wasn’t athletic, overly tall for my age ( any age!), but had parents who really wanted me to find a lifelong love and to feel confident about myself.  So when all my friends were playing volleyball, softball and cheerleading, I was at the barn.  I rode and showed Saddlebreds untill I went to SMU.  I’m now riding with the ‘Cool Kids”… better know as Hunter/Jumper riders.  I still ride in an englsih saddle,  but I’ve added to the excitement with soaring over jumps.  Most kids start jumping at an early age- not me, I started jumping at age 50!

Regalo, my first hunter horse…Memorial Park, Houston

My father had serious conversations with husband #1 and #2 that I would only be happy if I had a horse.  Soooooo  glad they didn’t ditch me… because when I wake up my go-to-happy clothes are my Jodphurs, not my newest Oscar de la Renta!

I now have two Hunters,  much to Scotty’s chagrin. ( As Kate Hobby Gibson told me several years ago,   Jana you need two horses because is seems as though one is always on a break of some sort😜) Both horses enjoy the life of luxury at Rondezvous farm in Tomball, Texas.  Nada Wise and Evan Pender train the boys and I… put us in the horse show ring and pray that I’ll remember what they’ve been teaching me over and over.  They’re motto is “If you can imagine it… we can help you Achieve it”!   Don’t you just love their optimism😄?

Regalo and Krunch

I do ok in the horse shows… but I mainly just love being around my horses!  In the summer they flourish at Rancho Vista in Missouri Heights downvalley from Aspen.  The ‘barn’ is totally my happy place as I can spend the whole day there and never get bored… Tarah Wolf trains me in Colorado…. her lessons are world -class planned!

I want you to know that this jumping thing is super challenging and remember most if not all the other girls have been doing this since birth! Soooo after spring showing in Houston ( Great Southwest Equestrain Center)  I take them to Aspen each summer and love watching them graze on the green grass in the cool mountain sunshine.

Happy Jana!



thank you thank you thank you Scotty❤️




The ‘Orange Store’ is my fav!

I have shown both horses in Texas, Colorado and Florida…  such a blessing to have experienced these great shows).  It would have been so convenient if I loved Golf or could sit still long enough to enjoy bridge. 😜  PS… I’ve actually worn my breeches to play at Maroon Creek Club in Aspen and PLAYED A BIT BETTER!

This ribbon was from the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington… a very proud moment for a skinny girl who grew up in El Paso!

Notice my BFF, Grace Kelly is fearless posing with me🐶

Many of the owners and trainers havet SUPER Big Campers like my friend Lauren (I call them the Rock-Star Campers). I rented this teeny tiny rental version while at the Colorado Horse Park….and LOVED IT!  Never slept better😍

Here I am again with the best of both worlds… Our home in Aspen sits comfortably 2 mi outside of town while my horses board down valley at Rancho Vista (BFF Lauren and Brian Sherry’s ‘dream Barn’)  Scotty has an international flavored city , 5 star dining etc and I can be at the barn downvalley in 30 minutes!


Grace Kelly, age 12 now, is another story.. the best of stories.  She has traveled with us everywhere, even to a couple of countries.  Our kids don’t even wonder where they’re place is when it comes to Gracie.

Don’t you just love the look on Regalo’s face?!



Riding with my daughter Blair!
My nephew Charlie and I having some fun!


You see the ‘Chicks’ are my newest fettish, but these magnificent animals will always have my heart!

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.    Winston Churchill 


Chciks Debut at the barn!


Life with the Girls

Anyone that knows me knows I’ll tell you everything !

You’re thinking everything well yeah pretty much EVERYTHING!
My mom told me I should keep a few things to myself but somehow that never stuck with me…So basically if I’ve experienced it, I want to share it, if I love it I want you love it  and if I’ve seen it of course I’m want to tell you all  about it so here we go…😍

The whole chicken raising thing is kind of a crazy story that I’m kind of proud of it…I was asked to be on the ‘Hot Chicks’ Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in December of 2016. This is a  group of women that buy champion pens of Chickens, raised by kids in Future Farmers of America to enable them scholarships for college… Great cause right? My initiation into Hot chicks was really tough, tough in the fact that we meet each holiday season at Tony’s  ( Houston’s premier 5 star restaurant) and have a lavish lunch and TONS of good Champagne and then write a check!  While Suffering through this amazing feast, I grabbed my iPhone and ordered a chicken coop on Amazon… Woohoo! Chicken Farming, here I come!!!


MY FIRST COOP… Super cute, right?


I started with 6 Bantam Silkies….Silkie Bantams were frist documented by Marco Polo while visiting Asia in the 13 century.  These Bantams (meaning small, like pony to horse) probably made their way west via the Silk Route… 

Feeling super-lucky to have such special chicks, they needed 🌟 MOVIE STAR  names…. Farah Faucet, Sophia Loren, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia DeHaveland, Reese Witherspoon, Audrey Hepburn….. Because these chicks are super small ( they’re not able to be sexed before adopting.  Bad news:  Audrey Hepburn turned into Rooster Cogburn, when he/she crowed at the age of 6 months. He now lives with my Colorado horse farrier, Rocky.🌻

The starter coop was outgrown super fast! So, off to the internet again and **poof** another build-it-yourself project was delivered to my front door. You know this kind of project. The instructions tell you it’s ‘simple to build’ and then it takes you 2-3 days with a helper. I had to paint it to match our house… Duh!
Backyard discovery summer cottage/cedar wood playhouse/Amazon.


🌷Spring finally has arrived in Houston, and I had to have some new chicks…  Introducing 2 Belgium D’uccles, Vivien Lee and Dakota Johnson and 2 new Blue Silkies, the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley!

Who doesn’t love baby chicks in ‘the’ orange box !

But as you know it ‘takes a village’… I am so gratful to Brenda Love and LOVE ADVERTISING… they basically have done all the work to make me look good and make this blog happen! THANK YOU!

Brenda and I at Houston LIfestock Show and Rodeo Champion Chicken Auction

Let’s hang-out again soon… I hope I’ve brightened your day a bit!
PS… I don’t always feed my chickens in an evening gown 🙂

Special thanks to my neice Brittany Cassin for her expertise in shooting the cover photo….I love you, Chica!